Monday, February 23, 2004

This week we're going to talk about recipes online (including some seasonal sites). The web is a great place to get recipes for people with all levels of culinary skills (even me!).

Because it's pancake Tuesday, we'll start with some easy pancake recipes...

One sit to try is It has a decent selection of recipes.

Epicurious is fun because people can add comments and suggestions about the recipe.
It wouldn't be the web without some strange stuff, so here's a selection of "alternative" pancake recipes, Including pesto & parsley pancakes, and Fresh Figs and Cream pancakes. Mmmmm... figs....

Traditional Lent foods from around the world
Information and recipes from this season from different cultures (remember, it's Mardi Gras too!).
Moving on from pancakes... (after all, tomorrow is you last chance for a cocktail if you're giving up alcohol for lent). The ultimate guide to cocktail recipes on the web. As well as details on how to make every conceivable drink, you can also tell it what ingredients you have, and it tells you what you can make!
(That's at

Make your own Creme Egg
The other seasonal food is of course the Creme Egg. For the adventurous, here's how you can make your own!

Finally, who among us hasn't wished for a larger Creme Egg? Just sign this petition and maybe Cadbury's will make one!

Tomorrow's sites coming soon! The topic is seasonal recipe websites.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Got ideas for next week's show? Email me at alex at bitbuzz dot com.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Sites for Feb 17th

Today's topic... Music Online!

There's been a lot of talk about downloading music from the internet and the legality of it; today we have some sites where you can get kitted out for digital music, listen to and download music online (all legally of course).

First, why would people want to use their PCs for music? To allow them to create their own CD from different albums, buy one or two songs rather than the whole album, and use their music on portable music players, usch as the Apple iPod.
The company that started all the music downloading hype! The service has been relaunched and is now legal (but not free any more)! You can download music for under a Euro per song (presently downloads are for the US only but that should change soon!)
This site has a big selection of legally downloadable tracks (site acting up today but should be back up soon)
This site has free software that you can download to help you manage you digital music. (free download, $20 for advanced version).
Amazon have a free music download service to let you sample tracks from well-known artists including Tom Jones, The Strokes and Linkin Park. If you're in an up-and-coming band you can also upload your music to let people all over the world hear you.
Free online radio; you can customise your own radio station and listen online (suitable for broadband connections)
Think Geek has a great selection of MP3 players and other digital audio goodies.
Not ready to take the plunge to digital yet? CD Wow has a huge selection of cheap chart CDs. They ship them from Hong Kong, but they get here pretty quickly.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Oh, here's another site I mentioned on Tuesday:
They do short city breaks to places like Amsterdam, London and Paris... not too late for a lastminute trip this weekend.

By the way, if you have a site or topic to suggest for next week, email me: alex at bitbuzz dot com. Check back, I'll be adding more sites tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

If you're still trying to decide what to do for Valentine's day, here is a selection of sites to get you into his or her good books.
The ultimate in convenience AND brownie points -- a full three-course meal, ready to go into the oven, delivered to your door. Includes bath salts and a Brown Thomas makeover voucher.
Send an online valentine's card (if you're shy or far away). (Some cards you can send for free, then there's membership fee)
It's not too late to find your valentine before Saturday! Do you have a crush on someone and wondering if they feel the same? This site lets you find out anonymously.
We don't need to explain how to order a dozen roses, but here's something different (and a bit tastier) -- chocolate-covered strawberrys delivered to his/her door.
The ultimate guide to romantic B&Bs and weekend getaways in Ireland.
If the message you want to send on Valentine's day is anything but romantic, The Worm Man will post a kilo of live worms to your "valentine"!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Updated: links for Tuesday!

Tomorrow we're going to talk about viruses in general and in particular the MyDoom virus: its history, what companies it targets etc, as well as general info on staying virus-free; here are some sites that we're going to check out:
A live map of the virus infections; you can drill down and look at Ireland, too.
A description of the MyDoom virus, with a free tool to diagnose and repair your computer if you get infected (or just if you're worried about it).
Norton Antivirus, one of the most popular prgrams to protect your computer. (It costs $70)
Scan your computer free over the Internet for most known viruses.

Links for Tuesday

These are sites that you can use to meet people online, both for romance and for fun, or even for business networking.

A major concern when you meet people online is safety. There are some basic guidelines people can follow to be safe, such as not giving out personal details, meet in a public place, etc.
Irish dating site with 15,000 registered members. They have live chat and organise monthly real-life meetings for people to meet up.
Find out how other people see you: you upload a picture and other people can rate you from 1-10. They also have a "Meet Me" service so you can email people you like the look of. They make tens of thousands of matches every 24 hours.
The MeetMe service is at
A site for the teenager in all of us: got a crush on someone? Put their details into this site, it emails them and tells them someone has a crush on them, and if they have a crush on you too, you both get told. Otherwise, you stay anonymous.
For people who are too busy to go on proper dates: speed networking has hit Ireland. Meetings around Ireland, €20 for 2 hours, during which you meet 25 people (4 mins each).
This is the biggest of the "social networking" websites. Great for meeting people through mutual friends, for work, romance or anything else. When you join, you invite your friends to join, they invite their friends, etc. You create a profile of your interests and activities, and you can see who knows who and get introductions to the people you want to meet. Extremely popular in the US.
(Address of the site tour is

There are a whole lot of variations on the Social Networking sites; one other to mention briefly is which is targetted at business people wanting to make contacts.
Live chatting online with people all over the world. Dozens of topics, thousands of people.
A teen-oriented chat and community site.
For parents who may consider allowing their children to chat online, a site that gives advice on how to keep them safe on the web. The net can be a great way for kids to learn about the world -- as long as their parents take some simple precautions.