Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We had a "technical glitch" last week so there was no segement, sorry!

Yesterday we did finding things and people on the web:
The place to start to find anything on the internet. Also availalbe in Irish!
Find people all over the US... put whatever you know about them and get a listing from phonebooks and public records. (There's also a slightly less functional UK version at
Free satellite images based on address (currently based on US images, but the rest of the world may be added soon). They also have some cool pictures of well-known sites like Disneyland, from the air.
This is the Irish phonebook online -- a lot less info that the US sites above, but it's a start!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This weeks' topic was sailing websites, to coincide with Ford Cork Week regatta.
The official portal for sailing holidays in Ireland. Details of charters, sailing schools, moorings & marinas. Lots of good info about where to go for a sailing break.

BBC Weather
One of the best places to go for weather info and forecasts for Ireland... watch nice pretty pictures of winds, temperatures etc. Nice animated maps. Pity the Irish sites aren't this good!
A great site that matches boats and crew for races and deliveries. So if you fancy taking part in Cork Week, it's not too late!