Tuesday, August 17, 2004

We did travel sites again today. We mentioned some a few months ago, but a lot has changed since then! Bascially, most airlines and hotels won't pay commissions any more. This means that in general you're better off going direct to the airlines' web sites when booking. However, when you're planning your trip and trying to find the cheapest rates, some websites (and travel agents) are still useful.

Name your own price for hotels and flights in a "reverse auction". This is a cool site, check it out!

A great way to find the cheapest days to fly and the best fares offered. You should then book directly with the airlines to get the best price. They also have good travel guides for destinations around the world.

The UK Foreign office list of warnings about travel & risks around the world.

Check out pictures of what airlines feed you these days. Not a pretty picture!