Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This week's topic was last-minute online shopping...


E-cards are cool for sending to people living overseas. They cost very little and get there right away. Yahoo Greetings does cost something for a subscription, but the first month is free.

Amazon gift certs are a perfect last-minute present if you're a procrastinator!


Tesco (like Superquinn) run an online food shopping service, delivered to your home. You have to live in certain areas, but it actually does work. They give you a 2-hour window during which they deliver. Great for the office-bound.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This week we talked about buying a new PC for Christmas, e.g. a Dell or Apple.

My "top tips" for buying a new computer were:

- Check the warranty: get cover for three years if you can
- Make sure the software you need is included (e.g. Word)
- Laptops are great but still cost more than desktops
- Make sure it's broadband-ready (and if it's a laptop, has Wi-Fi)
- Get (and use) antivirus software

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

This week we talked about news site on the web. There's a huge amount of stuff out there so the trick is to find sites that aggregate news and present it to you in nice, easy-to-ready formats.

I like Google News because it constantly scans thousands of news sites all over the world and shows you the most important stories.

If you register with Yahoo (free), you can customise your news page to show only topics that you're interested in, in whatever order you like. If only Google News did this,it would be perfect.


FeedReader is a piece of Windows software that reads RSS feeds (basically, new feeds) from news sources worldwide and shows them on your desktop.