Wednesday, November 29, 2006

IrelandDigital Podcast #25

The latest episode (#25) of the IrelandDigital podcast is now available here. It'll be up on iTunes later today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

10 Minute Mail

Great idea for people who have giving an email to register for websites. 10 Minute Mail gives you an email address that's valid for 10 mins. You can rspond to mails, or reset the 10 mins if needed. After that, the address vanishes.

Vista launch in Dublin to feature Neil Armstrong

Kudos to Microsoft for making their
Vista launch more interesting. I suspect that they had a realization that not too many "tech decision-maker" would willingly spend a day in Croke Park surrounded my MS marketing folks to see Vista's launch (motto: "It's only two years late!"). So they've enlisted none other than Neil Armstrong to launch Vista here. That's a real cracking idea and I know quite a few people who would go *just* to see him.

Oh, and you get a free Vista Home license if you go, too :-)

Now, to wangle an invite...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eircom craziness

So, let's say you're an incumbent telco who's lost lots of voice customers to smaller, more nimble startup voice providers. This is "phase one" after liberalisation of a telecoms market.

But then, people start to get a little cheesed off with these startups. Some have billing problems; some are two guys in a basement; one of the biggest doesn't pay its eircom bill and gets all its customers cut off. People start to switch back to eircom (suggested motto: "The Devil You Know"). This is a common "phase two" backlash in telecoms liberalisation -- it's been happening in the UK for a while.

So, if you're eircom, what do you do? Do you target users for winback? Do you agressively try and switch people back to eircom? Apprently, no. You staff your winback backoffice team with just one or two people and make people wait weeks to switch back to eircom. At least, that's been my experience trying to move an office line back to eircom.

The only people with more of a right than me to be p*ssed off are the Australian pension funds who own eircom. Suckers.

New Ireland Digital podcast

Our latest podcast is up; get it on iTunes or download the MP3 here

Weird Web is back

I took a blogging hiatus for a while to concentrate on promoting my book. Back now. It's been too hard to resist blogging during the demise of Smart Telecom :-)

To start on a lighter note, my last blog post was about the death of the World's Ugliest Dog. Rest assured that his successor Archie has been crowned at the World's Ugliest Dog Contest 2006. And an ugly dog he is indeed.