Friday, January 26, 2007

Dell offer to refund my Windows license

Dell have offered my "50 pounds" for my Windows license. Mind you, they don't admit that they owe me for it.

So, should I take it or hold out for the $115?

Full text of the email:

Dear Mr French

We have checked this out and this would be an issue with Microsoft not Dell, but as a gesture of goodwill we wi;l refund your account with 50 pounds, can you please forward us your full order no and we will have the actioned for you to-day.

Kind regards

[name with-held to protect the innocent]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dell sell Windows-free desktops in US

It looks like Dell have realised that not everyone want Windows! In The US, they've started selling the Dimension n-Series Desktop which comes with the drive unformatted.

Enquirer slams Dublin Airport Wi-Fi

In a short article, the Enquirer has slammed the quality of Eircom's Wi-Fi service in Dublin airport, saying "The 'buy online' option is bugged and none of the shops have scratch cards left." When will DAA listen?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Espion publishes Irish Wi-Fi network evaluation

If you haven't seen it yet, yet out Espion Research's evaluation of the three Irish Wi-Fi networks (Bitbuzz, Eircom and BT). Bitbuzz comes out quite well :-)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Xbox in a shipping container

Since I'm on a "get money back from MS" theme, check out this article about the Big Box Project. Bascially, if you have to return an Xbox 360 under warranty, you have to send it back in your own box. However, MS will ship it back in the same box, at their expense. Three words: massive shipping container.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Suing Dell in small claims court?

Good article on someone getting a refund from the Small Claims Court in Califoria for a copy of Windows. He got $199.

Getting a refund for XP on a new computer

I recently read this article about a guy in the US getting Dell to refund him the cost of the copy of Windows that came bundled with his new PC. Well, we just bought a new server in work from the Dell Outlet store, and I figured I'd try the same thing. I rejected the license agreement (which says I can get a refund from the hardware vendor), took pictures, and so far have had 5 calls with Dell.

Up to now I was dealing with various perky people with Indian accents but today they booted me to somone local; a very nice lady named Cora rang me today and tried to talk me out of it; she told me she's never heard of anyone trying to do this and asked for copies of my pics. I also sent her a link to the article.

According to mailing list archives, a couple of people in Ireland have apparently tried this but only one unsubstantiated story of a refund here. I asked them for €50 which I think is fair. Alan suggested I should insist on someone from M$ presenting me with a big cardboard cheque :-)