Friday, February 02, 2007

Dell refund me €50

So, in my quest for a Windows license refund, Dell have sent me a credit note for €50 (and presumably credited this to my Mastercard, although I can't check this at the moment). The only problem is they offered me 50 pounds and gave me 50 euros. This may be cheeky, but I mailed them again and asked them to look into the issue (hey, that's another €25).

419 scams now coming to your postbox

My girlfriend got an advance-fee fraud scam (the one where you've won the lottery) by post today. This is the first time I've seen one of these by post, and it was surprising to see in come to Dublin, Ireland of all places. Apparently this one is well known though.

This one originates in Spain (a Spanish PO box and phone number, but they could be forwarded of course). Some "small" giveaways are

- It's been printed on a colour inkjet printer
- The "official stamp" on the bottom is clearly printed on -- the text is actually on top of it.
- One page tells you how much you've "won" but on the "claim form" you have to fill in the amount of your winning yourself.

(see some pitures of a similar letter on this site)

The return address is
Tridenta Seguros S.A. Espana
Calle Juan De Mariana 25
C/P 28045 Madrid Spain
Tel 0034 650 273 803

Of course, this is just the advance fee fraud scam going full circle. The original version was called the Spanish Prisoner scam and dates from
1588. The Nigerians just popularised it online, and the Spanish are taking it back to its roots!

More on Boston "bomb hoax"

After the Boston "bombing" suspects were charged, the judge points out that it's basically a ridiculous case. At the subsequent press conference, the artists say they will talk "only about 1970s hairstyles". Class.

Someone set us up the bomb

So, in a "guerilla marketing" stunt, the Cartoon Network had some art students make signs showing characters from the cartoon series Aqua Teen Hunger Force and hang them around various US cities. This goes completely ignored everywhere except Boston, where police are immediatey beseiged by 911 calls reporting the "devices"; highways, metros and the Charles River are closed; the artists are charged with causing a terror hoax. Jesus.