Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Unqualified Reservations: Five problems with Google Android

This article has a nice list of things that are goin to hold Android (Google's mobile platform) back. I did a piece on Newstalk on Saturday about Android and I agree with most of the article -- Android is cute, but it's basically a way to get people to use Google's real products (search & advertising)
on phones.

Vodafone Gets Restraining Order On T-Mobile's iPhone Sales

Aww, someone's not liking their sour grapes. Voda in Germany has apparently gotten a restraining order against T-Mobile
to prevent T-Mobile's iPhone sales, on the basis of "Waaaah they won't share!". OK, not really -- it's on the basis that Voda say t-mobile's exclusivity on iPhone sales may be illegal.

Get over it guys, you dropped the ball on the iPhone and now you don't have anything cool to sell for Christmas. Don't cry about it!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pointless IT project of the year

From ENN -

"The Sunday Business Post also reports on a planned broadband link from Cork to Donegal, which will allow firms with branch offices to link all their premises. The brainchild of Co Clare-based Ai Bridges, the project has already got underway, with a metro Ethernet from Cork Airport linking Clare, Limerick and Galway. The service is hoped to be available in Donegal by the second quarter of 2008."

Just what we need - more infrastructure connecting places with dubious broadband demand. Probably taxpayer-funded too.